My Language Journey (A thing I did for class)

Wow, that takes up a lot of room.

So yeah, I had to talk about my “language journey.” Essentially, I said I grew up in an English-speaking country, so I never had to deal with the majority of people not speaking the language I do, like a lot of English Language Learners (ELLs) do. I did, however, take Spanish in Middle School and High School. The teacher I had for Spanish 1 was a little crazy, and the teacher I had for Spanish 2 was mean. She thought my friend was dangerous because he once slammed his fists on the table in frustration. She said I was a “good kid with bad influences,” though, lol. But yeah, if we weren’t sitting in our seats when the bell rang, we were late. Essentially, we had 4 minutes to get from one class to the next. Sometimes I had to use the restroom, too. I think she was the kind of teacher who gave bathroom passes as a privilege.