All White Men

So there’s a Google Docs registry of all white men in the US. It’s here. make sure to sign it, because it’s your civic duty, or something.

They want to know if you’ve taken advantage of your white privilege. I said I had. They also wanted to know if you are dangerous. I said I was. I have avoidant personality disorder and a bad temper, and also I think for myself.


I drew that. Also, my cat was laying there, so I picture of her too.


I’m not sure why these are both so blurry. My camera phone sucks. Also, here’s a video to demonstrate how crazy I am.

And then here’s another video, because why not?

Author: Thomastine

Hello, I am Thomas Aaron Hellman, AKA Thomastine. I've graduated from: West Albany High School, Linn Benton Community College, and the Community College of the Air Force. I currently take classes at Oregon State University, the best school in the world. One time, I was in the Air Force. Now, I'm not. I like to draw, write, and make music. I also like beer. And coffee. Currently, I'm tired.

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