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Hey Joe. You’re just the person I was looking for.


Well Joe, I wanted to talk about the Oregon State Football team, and I hear that you’re an expert on them, and football in general.


Well, maybe you just need a little refresher. Corvallis Academy was the first in the area for primary and preparatory education, starting back in 1856. In 1868, the school was given a federal grant, allowing it to offer bachelor’s degrees in arts and sciences. Primarily, it was an agricultural school, as its name in 1890, “Oregon Agricultural College,” indicated (there were 11 name changes in the school’s history; it didn’t come to be known as Oregon State University until 1961). Now, the team’s first football team came in 1893, after the former president-who had banned sports at the school the year prior-died, and was replaced by someone who immediately reversed his decision. In their first game, against Albany College, OAC won 63-0. The first ever Civil War (their rivalry with the Ducks) came in 1894, and their first games against the Huskies and the Cougars came in 1897 and 1903, respectively. In fact, the Beavers’ first game against the Huskies came before Washington’s first games against both the Ducks and their rivals in Pullman.


Yup. Let me hit you with some more Wikipedia info: the Beavers have been to the grandaddy of them all, the Rosebowl, 3 times: in ’41, ’56, and ’64. They’ve won the Pac 12 championship 5 times, including the last time, in 2000. I don’t need Wikipedia to let you know about their 28 season losing streak, however, which started in ’71 and ended in ’98. It started with the Great Pumpkin, Dee Andros, who was beloved for how often he beat the Ducks, and for his 1967 team, dubbed the “Giant Killers” for their 3-0 victory over #1-ranked USC. It ended with the last year of Coach Mike Riley’s first tenure with the Beavers. That year, though very much underdogs, they won the Civil War against the Oregon Ducks in a thrilling double overtime, the image of Ken Simonton running down the sideline for the final score of the game becoming iconic.


Oh yeah, that was pretty awesome, huh? Both teams were terrible in that game. 11 turnovers, 4 missed field goals, and horrible weather. Apparently the last college football game to ever end in a tie. Ah, the good ol’ days…


True. Although last season was approaching such levels of suckage; we were 2-10, blown out almost every game. So how we gonna be this year, Joe?

I dunno

C’mon, man! Don’t hold out on me! You’re the expert! You study film, watch practices, analyze body language, personalities and attitude!


You don’t have to swear at me. You just have to give me your analysis!


Wow, that’s harsh, man! What are the biggest problem areas that you see?


What are your predictions?


So you think they’ll win one game all year? That’s worse than last year!


That’s harsh, man. Basically a betrayal of your own kind.


If ya wanna get technical, I guess.

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