Heavenly Bodies

“Life was a struggle. A constant fight with the entire world. At times, it seemed they were not meant to be, that the planet itself rejected their existence, and was ever trying to destroy them. Yet, somehow, they continued to exist. Against all odds, they survived each storm; they carried on, picking up the pieces when necessary. Many died, but many still survived, and the legacy was carried on  from generation to generation. Continued existence was the common goal, although what that entailed varied in meaning among them.

The village had always been there. They had always lived there. No one knew when it was founded, no one knew where they came from before that, and, truthfully, most did not care. The surrounding forest sheltered them from the dangerous world outside, and very few particularly cared to venture further than its borders. Those who ventured out, some considered brave, although most looked upon them with scorn. In the village, there was peace. In the village, they had all they needed. There was no need to go out and let the hostile world know they were here. There was no reason to draw attention to themselves.”

(Cover Art by Kurt Matson)

Heavenly Bodies is a science fiction/fantasy adventure, with some post-apocalyptic elements thrown in for good measure. A peaceful village of mammalians is attacked one evening by a group of robots. Several of the village youth are kidnapped, and an angry Captain of the Guard forms a militia to retaliate against the village’s metallic attackers. Meanwhile, a young boy goes in search of his sister, who was among those kidnapped by the robots. Knowing who the robots would sell their hostages to, the boy sets out for Magna Nova, a  city of an imperialist race known as the ascended. Before he can rescue her, the kidnapped girl is purchased by a kindly young ascended man. This young man happens to know the location of an ancient artifact of tremendous power; an artifact known as a “Heavenly Body.”

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          Charger                                                                     Kira

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 Striker                                                            Shotts


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