Character Profile: Charger

Name: Charger                                                 Age: 13

Parents: Buckshot (Father, hunter, deceased) and Cetrina (Mother, villager, deceased)


Occupation: Hunter                  Specialty: Knives                 Special Ability: Hunter’s Gaze

Charger was born to parents from two different worlds: his father, Buckshot, was the leader of the village hunters, a less than respectable group in the community; his mother, Cetrina, was an intelligent, pretty young lady, beloved by many in the village. Together with another young lady named Lara, they would frequently travel out into the world beyond the forest surrounding the village. From one such adventure, they never returned; Striker, Lara’s husband and member of the village guard, returned after searching for his wife, barely alive. He relayed the tragic news that both his wife and Charger’s parents had been tortured to death by the firstborn. Charger was three years old at the time.

Because he was the son of a hunter, the village leadership placed him in the care of Buckshot’s second in command, Carver. Spiteful of Buckshot for getting himself killed, Carver was heavily abusive to the dead hunter’s son, refusing to feed him unless he got his own kills, and frequently subjecting him to harsh beatings. Though the other hunters did not join in the abuse, they did nothing to stop it; they were indifferent to the young boy’s suffering.

The only friend in the world that Charger seemed to have was the young girl, Kira, who found him one day by himself, crying and looking altogether forlorn. The young girl comforted the little boy, and they quickly developed a strong bond, referring to each other as “brother” and “sister.” However, Kira’s parents refused to take her little brother in, as there was a stigma on him from his parents and their reckless adventures into the outside world.

In spite of his hard upbringing, with the support of his big sister Kira, Charger developed into a cheerful child, making friends with the other hunters (aside from Carver), and even a few villagers. As Charger aged, he developed impressive hunting skills, able to take down most prey with just a hunting knife. However, as the young hunter got older, he discovered an ability that few others had had in the past; he was able to perform the Hunter’s Gaze, an act that caused the user’s eyes to glow with a golden light, and to cause the hypnotism of his or her target.


Charger does not know it, but he is about to play a large role in his world’s history…