Character Profile: Kira

Name: Kira                                                                                                     Age: 17


Parents: Morgrim (father, merchant, 40) Dylaila (mother, tailor, 35)

Occupation: farmer                                                           Specialty: orchards

Kira is a pretty, kind-hearted young village girl, beloved by all who know her. She has been brought up in a happy home by loving parents, with no real conflict ever invading her life. She is troubled, however, by the cruel life that her young friend, Charger, has been entrapped in.

One day when she was seven, the young girl found a little boy in her family orchard, alone and crying quietly to himself. He was so forlorn and cute-looking, Kira felt that she must do all she could to comfort him. Though he could not tell her why he was crying, himself, she soon learned that both his parents had died while traveling in the lands beyond the forest surrounding their village. What’s more, the Village Elders had decided to place him in the care of the Hunters, a group not known for nurturing or kindness. When she brought him to her parents, however, they refused bring him in; they feared the stigma his adoption would cause their family. So sadly, she could not do much for him beyond offering him her undying love and friendship.

So it was that they grew incredibly close in their relationship, referring to each other as “brother” and “sister,” and genuinely meaning it. Kira adored her cute little hunter brother-often times to the point that she was oblivious to her would-be suitors. Regardless, her kindness and warmth, she offered to all.

Soon, however, her life would be turned upside down…