Character Profile: Shotts

Name: Shotts                                                 Age: 33

Sister: Myrenda (Villager, seamstress)  Nephew: Grend (Villager, juvenile delinquent)


Job: Village Guard                                       Rank: Lieutenant

Shotts is just a guy who happens to be a member of the village guard. He tries to make himself appear intimidating so that no one tries to push him around, but in all honesty, he would rather just smoke a few smokes, drink a few beers, sit back and relax. However, his ability to keep up with Captain Striker throughout his rigorous training made him stand out among his peers. The captain seemed to take a liking to him-as much as the captain expressed a liking towards anyone, that is-and this average guy found himself the rank of lieutenant. This promotion increased Shotts’ consumption of his smokes twofold; he didn’t really want to be in charge of anyone. However, given that Striker’s son, Jett, reported directly to him, that made his life considerably more easy.

Shotts has a sister named Myrenda. At one point, she was married to a pretty good dude, who died in a freak attack by a larger predator of the forest. His poor sister was left with their child, Grend-a kid who grew up to be a royal pain in the ass. Considering that she was his only remaining family-their parents had died from a strange disease that had hit many of the villagers, years earlier-and seeing as there was no male role model in his life, Shotts took it upon himself to keep an eye out for his sister’s young punk of a son. He loved his sister. Sometimes, he wasn’t sure if he loved her that much, however… until she offered to cook him dinner, that is.


Shotts doesn’t realize it now, but upcoming events are about to increase his consumption of smokes even more…