Character Profile: Striker

Name: Striker                                                    Age: 42

Wife: Lara (villager, deceased) Son: Jett (village guard, sergeant)


Job: Village Guard                              Rank and Title: Captain of the Guard

Striker is a large villager, with the recessive avian gene; he was born with wings and a beak instead of a snout. He has served on the village guard all of his adult life, trained under the then Captain, now Elder Pridebearer. Striker has always been a reserved individual, and rarely spoke much to anyone, although he was regarded as a nice enough individual by the majority of his village… and he caught the eye of an attractive young lady, named Lara. At first awkward in his interactions with this girl, the two quickly warmed up to each other, and after a few years, they married. Lara gave birth to a son, named Jett, who bore the same recessive avian gene as his father. Both parents were very proud to have brought another avian child into the world.

After several years of their marriage, however, Lara became subject to a wanderlust, desiring to see the world beyond the village and its protective forest. Her friend Cetrina began adventuring in the lands beyond with the lead hunter, Buckshot, and invited Lara to come with her. In spite of his pleading her not to leave, Lara brushed off her husband’s pleas and set out to see the outside world. For several adventures, Lara and her friends always returned after a few days or so, but on one fateful occasion, several weeks passed, and Striker saw no signs of his wife. Overcome with worry, the large avian man rushed out into the lands beyond to find her. When he returned… he had been severely wounded, tortured by creatures known as the firstborn. He brought back the news that his wife and her friends had been tortured to death by these same people. After his return and recovery, Striker was never quite the same; he became sullen and distant with everyone, including his own son. If not before, the inner workings of his mind became a mystery to everyone but himself.

Over the next ten years, Striker continually exercised and trained in combat, until he reached the honorable position of Captain of the Guard among his village’s defense forces. Young Jett, and a rough young man named Shotts, became the only two individuals tough enough to train with him and his vigorous routine. The anger inside Striker is continually burning; he has not forgotten the horrors he experienced at the hands of the firstborn.

IMG_0724Has not forgotten, nor will he forgive.