Short Stories

On this page, I’ll link to some of the short stories I’ve written:

Headstrong Wrong: A short story about a young man who braves a foreboding mansion, searching for its resident doctor, in order to save his beloved friend. I wrote this for my “Advanced Fiction” Writing course this past term (Fall 2016).

McCainites: A short story set in a dystopian future, in which the United States has been divided into city-states based on ideology. The focus is on a conversation between an elder statesman and his son. (Possibly a good indication of what the Heavenly Bodies book might read like; writing this inspired me to try writing a book again.)

Cannon Story: This is what’s called a “flash fiction,” think. Two characters discuss whether one should shoot the other out of a cannon.

Gallon of Milk: Here’s another “flash fiction,” probably. About a guy who is standing in a long line, and starts snarking in his head about the people around him.

What’s With the Briefcase? This one was a flash fiction I wrote for a writing contest at Science Fiction/Fantasy Forums (didn’t win, but there was a LOT of good stuff, there). A dude finds a briefcase… and it LICKS him. Then, all hell breaks loose.

Get Around to it: This is another flash fiction I wrote for SFF, about a sickly sad creature locked in a prison cell.

Lamron: Yet another flash fiction for a SFF contest. This one is about a girl who wakes up to a very odd situation. Also, there’s head with arms and legs.