“Horribad” animation

So I did this, and I figured I’d post about it.

I was messing around this afternoon with a recording I made of my cat. I uploaded that “song” here: https://soundcloud.com/calamity-taco/interview-with-kiara It is totally a song. It has a rhythm and lyrics and everything. Anyway, when I was done with that, I messed around with a portion of the track, paul-stretching it, wah-wah-ing it, phaser-ing it, etc. Then I added in this  recording I did of my phone when, for some reason, somehow, all circuits were busy. For my cell phone. I dunno. It’s happened twice, anyway.

I’ve uploaded other tracks that were me messing around with previous tracks, to youtube. For this one, I decided I should do a small animation. Try that mess again. This didn’t happen until I’d been sitting around for a few hours, but inevitably, I ended up drawing. Then I put the drawings together in video pad, but when played back, Todd moved WAY slow, heh. So I sped him up. Then I was gonna put effects on him, but apparently video pad didn’t input some of the changes I wanted to them, and when I went back to reedit the project, part of the video was missing. So I was like “fuck it, I’m uploading what’s already been exported.” And there you have it.

It occurs to me that the animators I like to watch spend weeks, sometimes months, on a few minutes of animation. I spent a couple hours on this, lol. Maybe some day, I’ll download some animating software and try that again, but the one I tried to use, I failed to use correctly, and it seemed like just putting drawings together in video pad would be easier.

Also haven’t done a bunch of drawings with the last few journal entries. That took a bit of time, so I dunno how often I’ll be doing that anymore, heh… (I mean, I’m just SUPER busy. Sitting around. Not doing homework. This should’ve been something Todd said to me, heh.)

So yeah. Life and stuff. 3 more weeks of Spring Term. Need to get in and talk to my advisors. Politics are still frustrating and dumb. Not many people willing to compromise on anything. Just wanna see each other as monsters. This isn’t healthy for our country…

Author: Thomastine

Hello, I am Thomas Aaron Hellman, AKA Thomastine. I've graduated from: West Albany High School, Linn Benton Community College, and the Community College of the Air Force. I currently take classes at Oregon State University, the best school in the world. One time, I was in the Air Force. Now, I'm not. I like to draw, write, and make music. I also like beer. And coffee. Currently, I'm tired.

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