People who Demand Respect (but Haven’t Earned It)

Ever notice how there are certain people who are just gigantic pricks? Who walk around like the world owes them something? Something, like recognition and/or respect that they haven’t earned?


Why are they such dicks?


Well, isn’t there some psychological explanation for their behavior?


I think you nailed it; I think it’s pride. Or at least some of it is. Some of it is probably also insecurity about looking weak, and getting pushed around. So they push others around, instead.


People who demand respect, but haven’t earned it. Inevitably, those same people often refuse to treat others with basic human dignity, much less respect. These guys are real shitheads.


Y’know. People who carry themselves with some kinda air of importance, like they’ve done amazing things in their lives, even though they haven’t done much more for the human race than anyone else around them. They will make demands of strangers, or treat them with disdain if they dare interact with them.


No, but you’d know them when you see them. They say their own names to try and get their way. They feel they have the authority to judge anyone and everyone, even when they are clueless on the details. They feel that they can declare something, and that that makes it true. They don’t have actual social skills, because they’ve always pushed others around instead of learning them.


Look, they’re a blight on the planet, they come from all social classes, and they’re dickheads. From an officer in the military to a big name mainstream rapper, from the businessman on the airplane to some dick on the internet. They all suck. The sad thing is that they probably know it, too, but they just don’t give a shit. They’d just prefer to continue to make everyone else miserable, because that’s what works for them.


Because none of them are just “a bit prideful;” they’re all giant, throbbing cocks, who think that everyone else should just bow down before them. They suck.


It bears repeating. Anyway, I blame our culture for this; pride is overvalued, and humility is undervalued. It’s all about number one, and what’s in it for me. Greed is good, etc. We need selfless people to be our leaders and role models. People who care for those they’re in charge of, at least as much as they care about themselves, if not more. We need heroes who want to be leaders, not heroes who want to be worshiped.


No, but Hillary and Donald both exemplify what I say wouldn’t make a good leader, come to think of it… …but this is getting too political. I just wanted to complain about the average douchebag on the street, at the show, on the tv, in the band, etc.


Yes, but they’ve demonstrated why they are owed it, and they don’t demand it. They have acted in such ways that one would be remiss not to respect them. They have enough humility to understand that they are mere mortals, just like the rest of us. They don’t expect others to bend over backwards for them, they are gracious to those around them, they make themselves approachable. They understand what being a good human being means, and they strive for it.


Screw you, don’t ask me that. I can’t answer that question; I don’t know. Only the people around me can answer that question for me.


I know. I just have to strive to be what I think is good, and to not be a hypocrite.

Author: Thomastine

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