In All Honesty (USAF)

So it was totally my plan to make a blog about how shitty the attitude is towards young people in the Air Force. I was gonna go through articles about some kind of abuse or another happening in the military, take snap shots of all the negative comments about new recruits, and post them here, saying, “Young People: The Military Doesn’t Want You! Here’s why…” I did find a number of gems, such as some comments I found on a article about SSgt Ellis, an MTI who was convicted of abusing trainees. She threatened to cut of a dude’s genitalia, made them do PT in the nude, and wanted to fistfight them (she also threatened trainees against talking if someone asked them how one of their wingmen got a black eye). I also found accusations that she broke an airman’s back. Here are the thoughts of these wonderful individuals:


That’s right! Take it from this individual with a PHD in psychology, I’m sure: PTSD only occurs when something blows up in front of you. Personality Disorders will NEVER develop from something humiliating, like being made to perform PT naked in front of your female MTI… Also, they don’t deserve basic needs, fuck them.


“Pinko Left.” Because nothing says “commie sympathizer” like values that demand decent treatment of fellow human beings. … … …what does Communism have to do with this situation?! Also, again, these trainees were made to perform PT naked in front of this woman, and she also probably gave one of them a black eye and threatened them against talking about it.


Or a haven for people who are not douchebags. One of the two.


And there’s the kicker. The person who complains about new airmen-or “millennials”-generalizing an entire generation of individuals (and by the way, “millennials” is a generation that goes back to like ’82. People in their mid 30’s are millennials.) Everyone who’s come in since the start of the decade is a worthless, whiny, dirtbag airman, and any discussion that offers the slightest opportunity is worthy of bitching about this. “In my day, we punched people in the face, and they didn’t complain! Now we punch them in the face, and all the sudden, there’s an IG investigation! Airmen need to know their place! And no, they’re not allowed to punch me back; they’re just supposed to take it!” I’ve seen and heard this line of thought a million times when I was still in. The old way is the best way, because that’s the way we always did it. AKA the reason the Air Force is stuck in the Dark Ages.

That was the blog I was gonna write. However, the more I looked around, the more I saw something I didn’t expect; people being decent to one another. On the Air Force Subreddit, a new airman asks a question, and the people who respond treat the question respectfully and seriously. No accusations of worthlessness or whatnot. Still elsewhere, on another website, the same story about SSgt Ellis is reported, and there are people saying that she betrayed a sacred trust, that she deserved the maximum sentence, and that the airmen didn’t deserve what she put them through. This coming from NCOs, Senior NCOs, and Officers alike. I was astounded. It seems that not so long ago, any article I found that talked about an NCO acting abusively would lead to NCOs in the comment section blaming the abused airman. Something has changed.

In light of these findings, I have to be fair; I saw more positive, supportive comments than I did of dirtbag NCOs, complaining about airmen and telling them to fall in line. Perhaps my perception of reality was not entirely correct…


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