Some Weird-Ass Shit

So yeah, this is a compilation I put together from stuff I’ve done since I started recording at the end of 2014. I think there’s like at least one 2014 track on there, anyway. I was just looking for my strangest tracks that might also be somewhat musically appealing. I dunno how successful I was on that end, lolol.

It’s occurred to me that I like to make experimental, almost noise-like stuff. I like to make normal, poppy-like music too, but I dunno if I’m as good at that or not. Maybe if I have someone else helping me on instruments, it can be okay. But if it’s weirdness factor, I’m definitely better at that.

I got fascinated with using paulstretch, wahwah, and phaser effects at some point, and just play with those all the time. Plus, if there’s a weird sound I hear and can get recorded, I’ll do that, too. I think I’m getting better at making a beat, and putting things in rhythm, maybe. Then again, I also just like things that come out sounding really odd, regardless of whether there’s a beat or not. Chaos can be fun, too.

A track I forgot to put in, but might be up for consideration if looking for something like the above, is this:

I was doing some of the assigned reading, by putting the text in a text to speech app, but the text for a few of the pages got all garbled up. I thought it was funny, so I recorded it. First, I just recorded it with the computer’s built in mic because my external mic was in another room, but it didn’t pick anything up but random clicks, so that kinda became the beat. Then, I got my external mic and recorded the stuff. Then, I ran a track through the wahwah thing. Then I ran another track through the wahwah thing. Then I ran three successive tracks through successive phaserings. A last track was paulstretched. I think one track was also reverbed, while another stayed the same. Stuff and things.

I always wonder if there is enough to some of these tracks, or if I should add more layers. A lot of the time, though, I dunno what else to put, so I just upload the stuff. Also sometimes, I have one more layer of sound, but it doesn’t sound as good, so I take it away. It would probably be handy to have better recording equipment than just my lappy and an external mic, but whatevs. I got no money, heh… I also had Ableton Live for a bit, but I didn’t know how to use it. Then, my computer got messed up and I had to restore it to factory settings, and I don’t have the password for Ableton anymore. Foolishness, indeed.

I haven’t actually really recorded much lately, though. I have a children’s book project that I’m supposed to be doing for a friend who just had a baby, but I haven’t gotten very far in that at all. Utter Tomfoolery, indeed.

Summer Term just started. I’m in the middle of like 11 consecutive terms without a break, heh… and then right after, I’m gonna go right in to student teaching. Hopefully my GI Bill lasts for all that.

Remember that one time you were gonna shove your head back up your ass?

What, you the only one who gets to get snippy? Drawing you like 10 times takes like 5 or 6 hours, and I don’t have the motivation to do that every time.

Because fuck that, and fuck you.