Punk Rock Died in the 80s

Hey Todd.


What do you know about Punk Rock?


So you got the basics down. Do you listen to any punk bands?


Parasites aren’t a real punk band.


They sing about girls and relationships, not about stuff that matters, man. Besides, they formed in the late 80s, and everyone knows that true punk rock died in the mid 80s with the Dead Kennedys.


According to the experts, true punk rock was based in a “Do It Yourself” ideal; a rebellion against corporate-produced rock music, recorded in expensive studios. Real punk rock is from a 4 track recorder that was used in a basement somewhere.


It’s not, man. It’s about ideals. It’s about standing for something-or against something. It’s about defending gay rights, eating vegan, and not purchasing stuff from chain stores. Ya gotta go to the thrift shop and buy your clothes, dress differently than everyone else.


Oh hell yeah, punk rock is super political. It’s about compassion for the downtrodden. It’s also about doing whatever you want and kicking someone in the head because they pissed you off. True punks never apologize for anything they do. True punks went to shows in the 80s and beat each other up in the pits, to vent their frustrations about living in a suburban environment that they didn’t feel themselves a true part of. True punks will let you know that you wouldn’t last a second at one of those old shows.


Oh, they’re mostly pop punk bands. Everything on Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords is Pop Punk, and so are bands like Parasites.


Well, if you wanted, you could call those Epitaph and Fat Wreck bands “Skate Punk.” Skater kids from the 90s probably listened to them. Then you could just call Parasites, The Queers, The Automatics (US), Sicko, etc., “Pop Punk.” Oh, and bands like Blink 182 and Green Day? Those are “Mall Punk” bands. Kids who hang out at the mall listen to them.

…but remember still that none of these are true punk rock, because true punk rock died in the 80s with the Dead Kennedys.


Who? That Christian band? They’re not punk. They can’t be, because they’re Christians, and they’ve expressed conservative values in the past, I think. None of those “Christian Punk” bands are punk; they’re even less punk than the last group of bands. They’re probably oppressors or something.


Huh? I dunno. They sound a bit like that “emo” stuff that was coming out around the turn of the century (which wasn’t true emo, btw). They’re probably Pop Punk or Mall Punk or some damn thing.


I dunno, man. I’m not an expert; I wasn’t a teenager during the 80s.


Yeah, but those hardcore punk bands were worthy successors of the moniker or something, I guess.


Well, you can’t; it died in the 80s, and we’re in the year 2016, now.